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Culinary Nutritionist Stefanie Sacks aproached us to bring her new platform to life, as an extention of her book “What the Fork are You Eating”. Our goal was to readapt the pre-existing name and develop a brand that carries her “credible, accessible, digestible and actionable food solutions” through all digital platforms.

Stefanie Sacks is a nationally recognized Culinary Nutritionist, author, educator, speaker, consultant, and leading authority on eating to prevent illness and restore health. The idea of a platform to host her work and philosophy had been slowly manifesting over the last decade, when in 2022 she came to us to with the challenge of building it, from ground up. This meant starting with the name itself, creating a new voice, brand logo and identity, print collateral and a custom website with both public facing recipes and news articles, alongside a complex members space that hosts courses with video streaming, workshops, retreats and products.