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The Rolling East

Longtime friend and creative collaborator Ben Potter has screened his film, The Rolling East, at multiple film festivals and public spaces over the last six months. It comprised years of footage, direction and drive on his part to create this visually stunning piece that highlights surfing in New York. We were honored to work with Ben on the logo, identity and poster for this film in the spring of 2022, led by friend and collaborator Hugo Vale.

Designing a poster for The Rolling East meant bringing all of these ideas together into one image. Stones and dunes pulled from selected scenes from the movie create an outlined frame, emphasizing the raw nature you feel in the film itself. The fonts used are Krasz and GT Pressura Mono, from Nice to Type and Grilli Type, respectively. This choice was an attempt to reflect the idea of the city and its modernity, while trying to suit the complexity of the movie's soundtrack by Gitkin.