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Talkhouse Encore

‘I grew up in a dive bar. Not just any dive bar though. It’s the smallest bar in the world putting on major national acts. Over 65 Members of the Rock n’Roll hall of fame have played here and a host of famous atletes, movie starts, amnd politicians have been here. But you’d never know it. It’s a place where everyone is equal and accepted. A place where you can show up in board shorts or a tuxedo and it’s all the same. I’ve seen ex-boyfriends’ local bands fill the room and Coldplay do the same. It’s a sanctuary that has comforted so many through good times, heartbreaks, and all the moments in between.’ - Ruby Honerkamp, founder of Talkhouse Encore

Talkhouse [THE BAR] has been a landmark for generations. This small, unassuming bar has brought unprecedented talent to the East End - from Billy Joel to Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters - and no-one describes it as Ruby Honerkamp, daughter of the owner and now founder of the drink that bottles up all the energy of the bar. 

Talkhouse Encore [THE DRINK] was born on October 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic, a way of keeping the family legacy alive even when the doors where closed and the stage lights where off.

Together with the design team from Reference, Ruby and family have created a brand the embodies “music in a can” and “play forever”. We created the Talkhouse Encore website to match this spirited approach.