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González & González

González & González is a place that turns back time, that allows us to surround ourselves with timeless simplicity.

This tiny little shop – located on the classic street of Calle de Pelayo in Madrid – has gained a reputation across the globe, shared countless number of times on instagram and pinterest and featured in magazines and coffee table books – it is a destination location.

Through our friend and collaborator Filipa Alves, Javi and Maria Rosa – G&G founders – reached out to design and build a custom ecommerce experience. Their brand and identity had been beautifully established by Marta Botas, which we used and adapted for a digital environment, along with supporting on fonts, graphics and content. We also worked alongside Filipa to photograph all of their products for the online store in the context of Casa González & González, an old carpenters workshop that was redesigned into an short-stay apartment with the essense and products from the store.